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Athanor Testing

The lack of transparency and openness in the commercial development of LENR, has been a source of frustration for many.  Many are also understandably convinced of the reality of LENR or anomalous heat effects (AHE).  It seems what is missing is a … Continue reading

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National Instruments and LENR Workshop in Italy

A mailing list subscriber of the Vortex-1 list was kind enough to translate some excerpts of NI’s Stefano Concezzi’s talk at the July 2, 2012 workshop in Rome.  It is interesting to see how involved NI is in supporting cold fusion … Continue reading

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Robert Duncan’s Presentation for National Instruments

Back in April, 2012, Robert Duncan gave a good presentation on LENR/cold fusion for National Instruments.  Robert Duncan is the physicist, and associate chancellor of research, at Missouri University who participated in a 60-minutes interview in 2009.  Sixty minutes asked … Continue reading

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Boeing Subsonic Ultra Green Aircraft Research (SUGAR)

A paper prepared under contract for NASA by a team from Boeing Research and Technology, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, General Electric, and Georgia Tech, gives LENR serious consideration as a possible power source for an utlra-green aircraft.  The work group considered … Continue reading

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Defkalion GT – Status Update

Defkalion GT has issued some information through their website about their ongoing testing of their LENR device.  This on the heels of an underwhelming interview given on their business practice.  Here is the information that they released: DEFKALION STATUS UPDATE … Continue reading

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