Hunt Utilities Group on TV

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Paul and Ryan Hunt, of the Hunt Utilities Group, were featured in a short television segment on Minnesota’s Public Television channel.  The Hunt’s have been working hard along with the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project to replicate Francesco Celani’s LENR results using Celani’s specially prepared wire.  They have put an enormous amount of work into the project.  One of the current runs is showing approximately 15 watts of excess heating.  There is ongoing debate about the accuracy of this measure; however, the group has been working on a new air-flow calorimeter and reactor design that will hopefully help to dispel criticism related to current methodological problems.



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One Response to Hunt Utilities Group on TV

  1. I am realizing now that these experiments and the cold fusion will be developed by the regular joe and not by any corporations. Once the process is replicated there will be corporate take over in the field.

    These pioneers essentially are good to keep the effort of attempting to do the right thing for the environment and others alive, and perhaps they are serving their own interests as well.

    My hat’s off to anyone that promotes creativity however it becomes apparent that this cold fusion is somehow discredited by the “formally educated” and therefore funding is very light compared to the amount of environmental contribution it could potentially serve and this is what we need to stimulate our economy into another era of forward development for ways to offset crude oil consumption.

    To say this is an uphill battle is an understatement given the dynamics of economic control on the population regarding this type of research. Many non disclosed anchors lay in hiding and are non obvious to a person simply interested in working their mind to accept this cold fusion as a viable possibility for usefulness to others.

    If others could come together as a goal to make this cold fusion a reality all of us could use it would be benficial in reducing the burning of fuel oil as well as creating millions of work opportunities for the newly found industry.

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