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Experiment 23 – Failure Analysis

It turns out that there may have been a good reason that Experiment 23 did not produce any excess heat.  The pressure gauge melted.  The experiment needs to be repeated since this can be viewed as an equipment failure and the … Continue reading

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New Glow-stick Type Experiment with Calorimetry: Update – Experiment Completed – Equipment Failure

After much work, the calorimetry system is functional and currently running an experiment.  Assuming the experiment concludes without major technical glitches, data will be posted prior to analysis.  Lithium hydroxide was added to the fuel mix to increase the lithium … Continue reading

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Short Update on Calorimetry System: Updated – 6/8/15

Progress continues towards a workable experimental apparatus utilizing mass flow calorimetry.  The design has advanced with replacing many rigid elements with flexible tubing to mitigate the potential of leaks.  Additionally, the water flow direction is from the bottom of the … Continue reading

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