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Two Units of Rossi’s 1MW Plant Losing Efficiency=Good News

That may be an odd headline, but let me explain.  If Rossi and the group evaluating the measurements of Rossi’s 1MW E-Cat plant have not conducted a calibration run, then it’s hard to trust the instrumentation used.  By losing efficiency, … Continue reading

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Jeff Morris – Another Negative Replication Set

Experimenter, Jeff Morris, has released a presentation on a series of replication experiments conducted with an air flow calorimeter.  Mr. Morris has attempted to replication the results of Rossi and Parkhomov, but unfortunately did not demonstrate excess heat in his … Continue reading

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The Central Importance of Calibration

The third party reports examining Rossi’s E-Cat technology both produced apparently positive results.  Unfortunately, they both suffered the same problem:  they lacked an adequate calibration.  TPR1 used a separate dummy device and ran only at a lower temperature level.  TPR2 … Continue reading

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We should believe Rossi about potentially negative results

Compared to some of his confidence evidenced in previous years, Andrea Rossi has been very cautious about making any positive statements about his E-Cat technology over the past year or so.  It seems that followers of the progress view these … Continue reading

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Brillouin Energy Press Release on 3rd-Party-Involved Test

Brillouin Energy has a new press release posted on their website announcing the availability of a 3rd party report on a test of their “Hydrogen Hot Tube™ (HHT™) Boiler System reactor core modules.”  The 35-page report is described as being … Continue reading

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