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MFMP starts new glowstick 5.2 test (Update: Live Test Started)

The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project has started work to examine and dismantle some effects related to fuel preparation.  They give the following rationale for the work: Rossi / Parkhomov say that the powder needs to be heated rapidly to around … Continue reading

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Budko & Korshunov – Another Negative Replication Set

Two Russian scientists, Budko and Korshunov, have published a paper detailing a series of 17 experiments attempting to replicate the “Rossi effect.”  Sadly, they have contributed to the growing list of negative replication attempts.  Unfortunately, they only ran the temp … Continue reading

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Brillouin Energy – Advancing Milestones

A recent visit to the Brillouin Energy Corporation website revealed a new site design and information.  Browsing the Milestones section revealed some additional information.  Significant information included occasional excess heat seen in January, 2014 at SRI from the Hydrogen Hot … Continue reading

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Russ Gries – LENR Research Apparatus

Russ Gries of RWG Research and Quantum Gravity Research, has released an excellent video of his work in developing a highly sensitive calorimetry system for studying LENR.  Russ’ calibrations show the system to be accurate to within 2mw.  The system … Continue reading

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