Brillouin Energy – Advancing Milestones

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A recent visit to the Brillouin Energy Corporation website revealed a new site design and information.  Browsing the Milestones section revealed some additional information.  Significant information included occasional excess heat seen in January, 2014 at SRI from the Hydrogen Hot Tube system (HHT).  In September, 2014, a COP of 2.25 was recorded with the electrolytic system.  In January, 2015, a COP of 4.13 was seen with the HHT system.  From this timeline, it appears that a lot of work was done over the course of 1 year to achieve a stable reaction from the HHT system.  I have yet, no reason to disbelieve the results.  At the same time, the details are scant and the information is coming out only in drips rather than publicly available reports.  It would seem that the tests were not directly conducted by SRI, but rather they reviewed the results.  It does not seem that there has been a test conducted by a third party at this point, but that third parties have reviewed BEC’s results.

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