Rossi: 1MW plant test is finished

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The test of Andrea Rossi’s 1MW E-Cat plant ended two days ago with no warning.  We knew it was near the end of the test based on when it started.  Rossi had just recently made more statements about loss of efficiency and substituting in new fuel charges.  Rossi has subsequently stated that he will be working with a new team with Leonardo Corp exclusively focusing on the development of the E-Cat X, whereas the existing team will continue developing the older generation E-Cats.

Andrea Rossi

1- The people working on the E-Cat X is different from the people that worked on the 1 MW E-Cat. I made a new Team specific for this, because the approach is different, even if treasures the experience made with the former E-Cats. I needed an epochè, a revolution of points of view. The Great Team that worked on the 1 MW E-Cat will continue the work on this kind of technology. F9 for both technologies
2- Premature, even if I dream it
3- Premature
4- Hopefully
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There is no reference to Industrial Heat, so it makes one wonder if the IH team will continue development of the older E-Cat whereas a new team will include only people working for Leonardo Corp.  Rossi states that a report will be delivered within a month on the 1MW plant test by an ERV (expert responsible for validation).  In what form this will be delivered to the public is unknown, but hopefully it is delivered with enough detail to evaluate the scientific merit of the test.

Andrea Rossi

Gerard Mc Ek:
The charge size has beene refined with the experience in thousands of experiments and, obviously, also on the base of theoretical considerations.
Yes, the test of 350 days is finished, yesterday the ERV has completed his tests.
Now it will take about a month to know the results from his report.
No more information about the 1 MW E-Cat that made the tests from now until the publication of the results will be allowed.
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Mats Lewan seems to have some inside knowledge and notes that he was informed by multiple sources that the test was “positive.”  The previous rumor on the plant performance was 20 to 80 COP, which would be incredible if true.

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  1. Pascal KOTTE says:

    Bon, et bien on doit attendre confirmation.
    So, we have to wait confirmation…

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