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Automated Android Electrolysis System: Nitinol Demonstration

My efforts to produce LENR utilizing electrolysis has recently turned to the use of Nitinol (a nickel/titanium alloy).  Nitinol has the unique capability of contracting once it reaches a certain temperature (hence the nickname of muscle wire).  I produced a … Continue reading

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Automated Android Electrolysis System: Experiments 1-25

The series of experiments utilizing borax as an electrolyte, combined thoriated tungsten and standard US 5 cent nickel cathodes, and an automated control and data collection system has been completed. The results demonstrated the utility of the method for examining … Continue reading

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Automated Android Electrolysis System (AAES) – Experiments 4-11

I have conducted 8 more experiments using the AAES system presented previously.  The results further demonstrate the value of this system for investigating some parameters that may be of interest for LENR.  So far, the system has not demonstrated the … Continue reading

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Hobbyist Science – LENR Part 2

In a post yesterday, I introduced the idea of using an Android controlled programmable controller for exploring electrolysis heat production. I am presenting another chart here from an experiment that was run today for a longer length of time. The … Continue reading

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Hobbyist Science – Investigating LENR Parameters

This writer has developed an automated electrolytic system for control and data collection for exploring LENR parameters. As it is very expensive for the equipment to do advanced data logging and calorimetry, I have developed some methods of exploring variables … Continue reading

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