Simple LENR Experimental Setup

Ugo Abundo of the Pirelli High School in Italy demonstrates a simple electrolytic cell setup for conducting LENR experiments in the following video.  It is really not at all clear that LENR is taking place or that it could even be achieved with this setup, but it is interesting nonetheless. As this author has conducted […] more

LENR in CFL Light Bulbs?

Update: This has been refuted by the fact that it is just a filtering process of the mercury rather than isotopic shifts (12/5/14). Lewis Larsen of Lattice Energy, LLC and co-author of the Widom-Larsen theory of LENR, speculates that LENR may be taking place in compact florescent bulbs used in millions of households worldwide.  Forbes […] more

Vote for George Miley’s Research

George Miley’s LENR technology is once again up for voting on the Future Energy website. It appears that this site is connected with ARPA-E (Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy), and the results of the voting may put Miley in a good position to present at a pitch event. This may help Miley to obtain needed funding […] more

NASA: A Nuclear Reactor in Your Basement

NASA’s LENR research efforts are in the news once again. Steven Krivit reports that the recent attention was triggered by a story published on PhysOrg. He notes that the story was commissioned by the media relations department at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. There is not much new in this story other than NASA Langley Researcher […] more

Hunt Utilities Group on TV

Paul and Ryan Hunt, of the Hunt Utilities Group, were featured in a short television segment on Minnesota’s Public Television channel.  The Hunt’s have been working hard along with the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project to replicate Francesco Celani’s LENR results using Celani’s specially prepared wire.  They have put an enormous amount of work into the […] more

MIT Short Course on Cold Fusion – Week 2

Ruby Carat of Cold Fusion Now has an excellent write-up on the second week of the short course on Cold Fusion at MIT by Professor Peter Hagelstein and Dr. Mitchell Swartz.  Dr. Swartz has developed a cold fusion device called the NANOR which outputs 14+ more times energy than the energy input.  Sadly, his process […] more

MIT Cold Fusion 101 Videos Available

Dr. Peter Hagelstein presented his short course on cold fusion at MIT again this year (starting 1/22/2013).  Last year, this included a demo of Dr. Mitchell Swartz’s cold fusion reactor (NANOR) that continued running for many months producing many times more power output than input.  It is gratifying that someone recorded this course and has […] more

Collection of Andrea Rossi (and Other LENR) Videos

On the website Eco Inventions Showcase, they have put together a good collection of videos with Andrea Rossi.  It is worth perusing for those interested in Rossi’s work. UPDATE: Neil Lizotte of Eco Inventions Showcase stopped by this site to inform us of the other videos available on his site. He has 150 videos so far […] more

Automated Android Electrolysis System: Nitinol Demonstration

My efforts to produce LENR utilizing electrolysis has recently turned to the use of Nitinol (a nickel/titanium alloy).  Nitinol has the unique capability of contracting once it reaches a certain temperature (hence the nickname of muscle wire).  I produced a short video clip showing an electrolysis experiment in progress to demonstrate the activity of Nitinol […] more

LENR – 2013 Projections

Dale Basgall has prepared a new presentation on his projections for LENR in 2013. He also discusses LENR’s importance and some plans for the Universal LENR reactor (including sending one to this author for integration with an automated control system and experimentation). 2013 LENR PROJECTIONS More PowerPoint presentations from Jack Cole more

Universal LENR Reactor – Manufacturing Specifications

Dale Basgall has been hard at work on clear specifications for manufacturing the Universal LENR Reactor.  In the presentation below, Mr. Basgall presents schematics for the bare reactor without all the complex control circuitry.  He notes that he makes this available for others who wish to attempt to build this reactor for studying LENR, and […] more

ICCF-17 Video Collection

On August 12-17, 2012, the 17th International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF-17) was held in Daejeon, Korea. Videos of all presentations have now been made available. For those interested in the current research on LENR, this is a valuable resource for learning. more

MFMP EU Starts Celani Replication Attempt

The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project’s European Union group, has started the active experimental run in the second attempt to replicate Francesco Celani’s reactor and results of excess heating. They appear to be pleased with the results thus far, showing 6 Watts of excess heating “on our most conservative baseline”. If confirmed, this is certainly exciting […] more

Yasuhiro Iwamura – ANS Presentation on LENR Transmutation

Transmutation of elements is something that has been seen in many past experiments of LENR. Yasuhiro Iwamura presents his experimental work on transmutations utilizing LENR at the American Nuclear Society meeting. This video was posted by Steven Krivit, who organized the November 14, 2012 session. Also discussed in the video are potential commercial applications such […] more

Celani Releases Third-Party Test Results

On the heels of potentially negative findings with the Hunt Utilities Group and the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project, Francesco Celani released some information about tests reportedly conducted by “a major multinational corporation.” The testing was interpreted as exhibiting 1.16 watts of excess heating. While meager, it could be quite significant given the amount of material […] more

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