Michael McKubre Interview

There is a very good interview with Dr. Michael McKubre of SRI posted yesterday.  This is a broad ranging discussion starting with Dr. McKubre’s background, training, and experience in electrochemistry.  He talks about what is known and not known in the field of cold fusion, and the history of experimentation at SRI. This is one […] more

Criticisms and Rejoinders of the Hot-Cat Report

As noted here previously, it didn’t take long for critics to weigh in on the testing report of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat HT.  Now some academics from Uppsala University in Sweden have weighed in with a paper published on the same site as the report by Levi et al (arXiv:1306.6364 [physics.gen-ph]).  The paper is a critique of […] more

E-Cat Report Update – No Evidence of Hidden Power

Not long after the publication of the report validating the operation of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat HT, skeptics asserted that Mr. Rossi may have concealed direct current (DC) within the alternating current (AC) supplied to the device.  The report authors have updated the report with an appendix addressing this concern. All cables were checked before measurements […] more

A Language Upgrade Needed for LENR?

Right from the start, the field studying “cold fusion” has produced labels that have tended to increase skepticism among scientists.  Personally, I can look past labels to realize that a real effect can exist behind potentially problematic labels.  When we look at labeling a phenomena, we may take a few approaches.  One approach is to […] more

Initial Reactions to E-Cat Study Paper

It has been interesting reading media and reader reactions to the report issued on the testing of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat HT (high temperature) device.  A number of articles have been published on the study at places such as Forbes, Popular Science, ExtremeTech, PhysOrg, and ScienceBlogs.  Of course Steven Krivit has weighed in with allegations of […] more

Third Party Report on E-Cat Released

As promised, the report of third party testing on the Energy Catalyzer (E-Cat) has been released and available for download on e-cat.com.  It will be interesting to see how many scientists view this report.  On reading the report, one will find that the authors took care at every step to do calculations that underestimated the […] more

Thoriated Tungsten Excess Heating – A Failed Replication Attempt

I attempted to replicate the results reported in the previous post and was unsuccessful.  For now, I am concluding that the previously-reported results were an artifact.  This study included improved methodology and statistical methods, and further demonstrated the utility of the Automated Android system for experimentation.  I realize negative results are not very exciting, but […] more

Automated Android Electrolysis System – Update

In my quest to produce LENR results, the most recent set of experiments have provided some of the most convincing results.  I am not fully convinced yet, as more replications will be needed.  I had previously been using power supplies that were constant voltage, which made it more difficult to evaluate results because of changing […] more

Dale Basgall: The Inventive Mindset

Dale Basgall has a series of videos on the inventive mindset based on his many years of experience as an inventor.  He shares some of the wisdom he has gathered on this mindset so that others may benefit and utilize this knowledge to innovate. The Inventive Mindset #1 – Confused   The Inventive Mindset #2 […] more

Android Controlled Spark Plug Driver: Universal LENR Reactor

I have built a spark plug driver circuit designed by Dale Basgall to work with my Android control system.  This circuit will be part of the control circuitry for the Universal LENR Reactor–invented by Mr. Basgall and his team.  Mr. Basgall’s design calls for the use of a deep cycle battery, which I will be […] more

Andrea Rossi Claims Third Party Tests Completed

Andrea Rossi has claimed on his blog that the independent third-party tests have now been concluded, and that the results will be published soon. We still don’t know anything about who conducted the tests or any details of the results, but hopefully this will help to remove the mystery surrounding Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat.  If true, […] more

Hunt Utilities Group – Current Progress and History

Many who have been following LENR-related developments are familiar with the Hunt Utilities Group.  HUG along with the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project have been working to replicate Francesco Celani’s finding of excess heating with his specially made nickel-alloy wire.  Recently, a very interesting story about HUG was posted on postbulletin.com, a website of the Minnesota […] more

Simple LENR Experimental Setup

Ugo Abundo of the Pirelli High School in Italy demonstrates a simple electrolytic cell setup for conducting LENR experiments in the following video.  It is really not at all clear that LENR is taking place or that it could even be achieved with this setup, but it is interesting nonetheless. As this author has conducted […] more

LENR in CFL Light Bulbs?

Update: This has been refuted by the fact that it is just a filtering process of the mercury rather than isotopic shifts (12/5/14). Lewis Larsen of Lattice Energy, LLC and co-author of the Widom-Larsen theory of LENR, speculates that LENR may be taking place in compact florescent bulbs used in millions of households worldwide.  Forbes […] more

Vote for George Miley’s Research

George Miley’s LENR technology is once again up for voting on the Future Energy website. It appears that this site is connected with ARPA-E (Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy), and the results of the voting may put Miley in a good position to present at a pitch event. This may help Miley to obtain needed funding […] more

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