A New Type of Glow Stick: Holmlid Alternatives Update

Jones Beene and I have continued working on alternatives for new experiments.  Jones has been running several experiments that have shown interesting results, but he is trying to rule out mundane explanations.  Our latest idea is to fix the “fuel” to a lighted surface with epoxy.  Jones’ latest idea was a clever adaptation of MFMP’s […] more

Holmlid Effect – Jones Beene – Experiment Series 1

Jones Beene has been conducting a series of exploratory experiments attempting to find an alternative and simpler method of producing the Holmlid effect.  I wanted to start a separate post here where the current experimental series can be discussed and logged as it progresses.  For those who have not already read it, please see our […] more

Video: Scintillator vs. Geiger Counter

Thanks to “redacted” for passing along this useful video on different methods of radiation measurement.  The video compares different types of Geiger counters to a gamma scintillator.  Mentioned, but not shown, is an alpha scintillator (which are expensive).  This video is definitely worth watching for LENR replicators.  Of note, the scintillator does not work well […] more

Rossi Sues and IH Says Unable to Substantiate Claims

This post is a short update to the whole Rossi E-cat saga.  The short version is that Rossi is suing Industrial Heat, LLC (IH) over multiple claimed wrongs against him, but basically because they refused to pay him $89M after receiving the report from Fabio Penon.  Penon turns out to be the ERV (expert responsible […] more

Rossi: 1MW plant test is finished

The test of Andrea Rossi’s 1MW E-Cat plant ended two days ago with no warning.  We knew it was near the end of the test based on when it started.  Rossi had just recently made more statements about loss of efficiency and substituting in new fuel charges.  Rossi has subsequently stated that he will be working […] more

MFMP starts new glowstick 5.2 test (Update: Live Test Started)

The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project has started work to examine and dismantle some effects related to fuel preparation.  They give the following rationale for the work: Rossi / Parkhomov say that the powder needs to be heated rapidly to around 200ºC to drive off adsorbed/absorbed water and to cause micro-explosions producing smaller particles of Nickel. […] more

Budko & Korshunov – Another Negative Replication Set

Two Russian scientists, Budko and Korshunov, have published a paper detailing a series of 17 experiments attempting to replicate the “Rossi effect.”  Sadly, they have contributed to the growing list of negative replication attempts.  Unfortunately, they only ran the temp up to 800C.  They note that they plan on attaining higher temperatures.  They utilized different […] more

Brillouin Energy – Advancing Milestones

A recent visit to the Brillouin Energy Corporation website revealed a new site design and information.  Browsing the Milestones section revealed some additional information.  Significant information included occasional excess heat seen in January, 2014 at SRI from the Hydrogen Hot Tube system (HHT).  In September, 2014, a COP of 2.25 was recorded with the electrolytic […] more

Russ Gries – LENR Research Apparatus

Russ Gries of RWG Research and Quantum Gravity Research, has released an excellent video of his work in developing a highly sensitive calorimetry system for studying LENR.  Russ’ calibrations show the system to be accurate to within 2mw.  The system is setup to run either deuterium or hydrogen and will also include the ability to […] more

Two Units of Rossi’s 1MW Plant Losing Efficiency=Good News

That may be an odd headline, but let me explain.  If Rossi and the group evaluating the measurements of Rossi’s 1MW E-Cat plant have not conducted a calibration run, then it’s hard to trust the instrumentation used.  By losing efficiency, it is suggestive that there truly is excess heat being generated by the plant.  Two […] more

Jeff Morris – Another Negative Replication Set

Experimenter, Jeff Morris, has released a presentation on a series of replication experiments conducted with an air flow calorimeter.  Mr. Morris has attempted to replication the results of Rossi and Parkhomov, but unfortunately did not demonstrate excess heat in his small series of 3 experiments.  Mr. Morris understands the importance of proper calibration, and has […] more

The Central Importance of Calibration

The third party reports examining Rossi’s E-Cat technology both produced apparently positive results.  Unfortunately, they both suffered the same problem:  they lacked an adequate calibration.  TPR1 used a separate dummy device and ran only at a lower temperature level.  TPR2 used the same device without fuel, but did not run to the same temperature or […] more

We should believe Rossi about potentially negative results

Compared to some of his confidence evidenced in previous years, Andrea Rossi has been very cautious about making any positive statements about his E-Cat technology over the past year or so.  It seems that followers of the progress view these cautionary statements as expressing a hidden meaning something akin to “what he really means is […] more

Brillouin Energy Press Release on 3rd-Party-Involved Test

Brillouin Energy has a new press release posted on their website announcing the availability of a 3rd party report on a test of their “Hydrogen Hot Tube™ (HHT™) Boiler System reactor core modules.”  The 35-page report is described as being limited in availability.  Specifically, the report “is available upon request to qualified interested parties under […] more

Positive Anecdotes and Negative Replications

Mats Lewan has conducted an excellent interview with Andrea Rossi’s “right hand man:” Fulvio Fabiani.  Fabiani seems completely convinced that both the 1MW plant and E-Cat X are working well (i.e., producing copious excess heat).  This is a nice positive anecdote for the reality of a functioning E-Cat.  If true, it is a truly remarkable […] more

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